MORAVIA COMFORT, part of the Malborskie Zakłady Chemiczne ORGANIKA S.A. Group, is launching a new product on the Czech market this June under the SEAQUAL initiative.

They decided to add OCEANICO mattresses, which contain innovative materials created from recycled plastic to their wide range of mattresses. SEAQUAL is a unique initiative that harvests plastic from oceans, seas, rivers, beaches and coastlines, thereby helping to reduce water pollution and the mortality of marine mammals and birds. All plastics are sorted and recycled. The processed plastic is reused in a further production process to form polyester fibre. The fibre is then processed into the material that is later used to make the mattress.

By reducing pollution of the seas and oceans, the product contributes to the conservation of natural resources, which is very much appreciated!

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Magazine YACHT 7-8/2020